Academic & Liberal Studies

Krasna Baotic

Faculty, School of Academic & Liberal Studies

Krasna uses an in-class activity to help students deconstruct privilege and think critically about lived experiences and systems of oppression.

Krasna's Resources:
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Matt Sajn

Faculty, School of Academic & Liberal Studies

Matt develops student-curated playlists to build community and give students an opportunity to learn about their peers in online courses.

Matt's Resources:

Stephanie Snihur

Faculty, School of Academic & Liberal Studies

Stephanie utilizes alternative assessments that incorporate principles of Universal Design for Learning to allow students flexibility and choice in expressing their knowledge.

Stephanie's Resources:

Business, Hospitality & Environment

Monique Finley

Faculty, School of Business

Monique creates video announcements in online courses to support student success and learning in an accessible and inclusive manner.

Monique's Resources:

Community & Health Studies

Jackie Frail

Jackie Frail

Faculty, School of Community Services

Jackie leverages visual syllabi to assist students in understanding course learning outcomes and to prepare for evaluations and assessments. Jackie also incorporates personal development activities into weekly course activities to support student wellbeing.

Jackie's Resources:
Jodi Steele

Jodi Steele

Faculty, School of Justice & Fitness

Jodi facilitates positive learning environments by utilizing engaging activities to foster connections between students.

Jodi's Resources:

Natalie Mazzarelli

Faculty, School of Justice & Fitness

Natalie approaches groupwork in large classes from an inclusive lens to ensure students are comfortable working with others.

Natalie's Resources:


Christina Fontana

Christina Fontana

Faculty, School of English Language Studies

Christina leverages guided practice methods to assist with meeting the needs of all students in her classes.

Christina's Resources:

Media, Trades, & Technology

Annette Dearling-Manchester

Annette Dearling-Manchester

Faculty, School of Trades

Annette leverages a liquid syllabus to reach students and build connections at the start of the academic term.

Annette's Resources:

Lori Ravensborg

Faculty, School of Media

Lori incorporates Peer Awards in Acting for Film and Television courses to promote participation, collaboration, and peer recognition.

Lori's Resources:
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